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Yarn Shop Day

'Love Your Yarn Shop Day'

Creative Needles is extremely proud to be taking part in the very first National Yarn Shop Day on the 3rd May 2014.

This event is a celebration of local yarn shops in the UK with 11 shops joining in; it promises to be a huge success. Yarn Shop Day is an event launched by 'Let's Knit and Let's Get Crafting magazines, and is part of the 'Love Your Yarn Shop' campaign.

The event is being featured in major publications such as craft Business, Homemaker,and Crafts Beautiful, and is being supported by major names in the industry, such as coats, Stylecraft, West Yorkshire Spinners and Cygnet Yarns.

There are lots of reasons to visit Creative Needles on Yarn Shop Day; you can check out crafters from around the local area who will be hosting their own stalls within

Harts BarnCraft Centre; you can look forward to live demonstrations from spinners and knitters, or simply wander around the many crafting displays.

We are pleased to have established names that include May Hill Gotland Yarn Kits and meet 'Harriet Hare' new creation by Flaxen Hare Design, as well as local guests showcasing hand dyed and embroidered fabrics and wool's, knitted items such as traditional baby-wear , dolls and toys.

There will also be stalls displaying the best in lace products, patchwork and quilting, knitting for beginners, the Alpaca knitwear and a selection of shawls and blankets.

It is also a chance for people to bring their unwanted knitting and crochet patterns, odd balls of wool, which will all be sold for' Barnard's Charity' .

There is also activities in which children can get involved, we are sure they will love the pom-pom making and have a go at the yarn spinning.

' Name the Teddy' will keep them questing.

Come along - we'd love to see you!

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