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Our heirloom quality beech wood embroidery hoops keep your fabric taut whilst you stitch. Crafted with care, these smooth hoops have rounded edges that feel lovely in your hands. Investing in good quality embroidery hoops will transform your experience of stitching.


Tighten the brass screw to increase and decrease tension of the hoop. The screw head has a slot so you can gently adjust tension with a screwdriver, which can be kinder on your hands.

The hoops can be used for a range of techniques including cross stitch, surface embroidery, punch needle and more. Once you’ve finished stitching, you can also use these hoops to display your handiwork.


Our beech wood hoops are available in the following sizes: 12cm/5”, 15cm/6”, 18cm/7” and 25cm/10”.


To use the frame, loosen the metal screw and separate the rings. Place your fabric over the top of the smaller ring. Then put the larger ring over the top so that the fabric becomes sandwiched between the rings. Slowly tighten the screw whilst gently pulling on the edges of the fabric all the way around the hoop until the fabric is taut like a drum.

DMC Beech Embroidery Hoop (Various Sizes)

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