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Cross stitch needles are used for techniques that use fabrics with open holes that determine where stitches are placed such as Aida or canvas. This is because you want a needle that will pass smoothly through the open holes rather than piercing the fabric. The long eye also makes it easier to thread with embroidery threads.


DMC needles are synonymous with the very best of needle manufacturing, quality and reliability. We use best quality nickel plated steel which offers excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Our premium needles are packaged in high quality resealable packs so you can keep them clean and safe between uses.


Our colour categorisation helps you find the needles you are looking for: yellow for cross stitch, coral for embroidery, turquoise for tapestry, brown for golden needles, green for plastic needles, light green for beading needles, blue for chenille needles and orange for darning needles.

DMC Cross Stitch Needles (2 sizes)

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