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Knitting is believed to have originated in the Middle East in the 5th Century and travelled to Europe with wool traders soon afterwards. It soon became a local industry in the Highlands and Scotland, employing men in factories to knit stockings that were exported to the rest of Europe.

At Creative Needles you'll find a wide range of yarns, including Bamboo, Recycled, Cotton and fleece - some of which are made right here in Britain. From first knitting kits, needles in every size, storage boxes and bags there's something for everyone. We also have a large selection of patterns to choose from.  


Baby Pure Cotton: Amigurumi Hat & Shoes: Pink

by Anchor



Row Counters

Knitter's Gauge

Stitch Holders

Trimits Faux Fur 11cm Pom Pom Cerise

Faux Fur Pom Poms


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